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Pioneered by the inimitable duo of Mrs.Synthia and Mrs.Patricia Paul, training for IELTS & PTE is unparalleled.With over 14 years of training expertise,proven , time tested strategies and an awesome track record in student results,you will be AMAZED at your own sterling performance Simply follow our Game Plan for Assured Results. You can Get it Right the First Time

Synthia's IELTS and PTE Coaching at Torah, is quite a force to reckon with in the world of IELTS & PTE. We have trained over 3000 test takers ,whose outstanding results and gratitude stand testimony to our efficiency. With an intrinsic understanding of the difficulties of adult learners ,challenging stereotypes, We have devised specific methods to train individuals with varying degrees of English proficiency

Our methods are simple ,yet novel, effective and designed to give the best results in the shortest possible time. Keeping in mind the various learning challenges, such as lack of time ,lack of written and oral fluency that adults usually encounter, the training is wholesome,hard hitting and customized to individual needs.

Our Students Speak for us

FullName SHAMEEM SUBHAN -OverAllBandScore 8.50 Listening 9.00 Reading 9.00 Speaking 7.50 Writing 7.50 Excellent preparation material. Very good guidance by the teachers
Mrs. Synthia Vasanthakumar and Mrs. Patricia Paul. Synthia ma'am Hats off to her dedication to bring out the best in us every single day. Patricia ma'am Her excellent command over the English Language and tips on speaking module inspire us to speak better. Paul, Vennila and Priya for being so helpful and friendly towards all of us.

It is with immense pleasure and gratitude i am writing this review. I joined here after my two failed attempts in ielts (academic). Synthia ma'm (trainer) is a gifted teacher who employs her transcendent techniques to extract the best from her students. Her way of training students individually, has helped me to find my mistakes and correct them effectively. She knows what she is doing. She definitely has the mettle in her to hone our hidden strengths. The methods she utilises in L,R and W are immaculate, impeccable and unmatched compared to my previous coaching experiences. Taking advantage of her unerroneously fructifying methods, I literally saved around 10 min in my actual reading test. I never had to waste my time searching vocabularies and 'ideas' in my writing test, where I just deployed the magic framework she designed for the purpose. Moreover, the ambience of airconditioned, quiet and tidy classrooms is worth mentioning, where we never get exhausted spending hours.Fortunately, individual corrections are given in a seperate room, so your mistakes and doubts stays with you and teacher, with no worries of being embarassed in the group :)Finally, her special tips to equip for the exam day helped me a lot in building my confidence. The centre is open from 10am to 9pm and the teacher is available throughout.The entire course duration was flexible with no hustle to book an exam unless you are confident.The fee charged seems quite reasonable. To be precise, If you are really serious about ielts, no second thought, join here. I trust, you wont regret that. (My score: Overall 8, L8, R9, W7, S7)...Mubarak


Score: IELTS AC .S-7-W-7-R-7.5-L-8.00.OVERALL BAND 7.5 I thank lord almighty for showing me such a wonderful place for doing IELTS. No words to express the effort, hardwork and interest Synthiya mam show towards the student. The energy level of both mam Synthiya & Patricia is wonderful. Patricia mam, thank you so much for helping me to keep my neutrality and also Paul sir for the cover guidance. I am carrying lot of values and messages for my life also. Thank you so much mam from the bottom of my heart. Thanks to the entire team. I would strongly recommended my nurses to enrol in Torah to do IELTS...Famila Jane Christiana


It is a privilege to be a student under Cynthia mam. She always ensures that we attain our best in the IELTS. The one to one approach is very useful and beneficial as it allows, us to clearly understand our gaps in absorbing things. I am out of words to describe the dedication and passion Synthia mam shows to her students. She deserves to be respected as our own mother. I was irregular and never took it personal when she scolded The organization is very straight forward and i feel like they are my very own family. We need not ask them for any help as they are more committed to our welfare than our interest to it. I am really happy to know the entire family (Mrs. Synthia Vasanthakumar and Mrs. Patricia Paul) not everyone including me, can call ourselves true human beings when compared to them. Training & teaching method of their’s will guarantee results more than our actual expectation. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone for IELTS & overseas study and immigration..and 7.5 (with 8 in reading). Indrajit

James & Shalu

Dear Ma’m, We were encouraged, supported, guided and trained at its excellence so that the barriers between us and the Language seemed to melt away in no time. The dedication you put in was beyond words and we were molded in a wonderful way through the systematic assignments and follow ups. The vocabulary list and tips for time saving in writing was a great help during the exam and the confidence we gained during the speaking sessions aided us to come out of inhibitions. Now that we have passed the hurdle of IELTS, we never fail to remember the quantum of effort you put in to help us to make it. A big thank you from the bottom of our hearts.James&Shalu

Some of our Top Scorers


Shameem Subhan 8.5


Jocelyn Cleta Band 8


Kiruthika Ganesan Band 8


Kesavan Band 7.5


Jude Almeida 7.5


Vinothini 7.5


Hisil Mathew PTE 83


Jayaram K PTE 79

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